Popular Job Interviewer Questions to Prepare Yourself With

Job seekers become unnecessarily nervous and anxious during the interview process and stumble through the questions. However, there is a set list of interview questions usually asked at any interview. The strategy is to study and prepare beforehand, in order to appear confident and at ease during your interview.


Why Should We Hire You?

Summarize your experience when asked this question. For instance, a great example of a top notch answer would be ‘with ten years experience working in operations and my proven track record of excelling in administration and logistics, I would be the difference in your company’.


State Any Weaknesses?

This question is dreaded amongst job seekers. Remember to emphasize one’s strengths and minimize one’s weaknesses. Avoid talking about personal traits and stick to professional characteristics and qualities.


Name Your Goals?

It is more appealing to talk about immediate or short term goals instead of focusing on the distant future. For instance, you can start off with; my goal is to find a job in a company I can showcase my growth potential. As to the long term goal it depends on the path the company takes. My ultimate goal is to hold a position of responsibility.


Why did you choose our Company?

The interviewer wants to know you have given it ample thought and you are not simply looking to join the company because you haven’t found anything better. Many job seekers send out their resume to job openings which are even slightly aligned with their line of work. However, when looking to join a company which offers potential growth, you must make a decision depending on whether you will stick it out in the long run. And this is something interviewers want to know before hiring you. If you will in fact stick it out in the long term.    


Why did you leave your previous job?

You may be unemployed or in the process of leaving a job, either way you must specifically state the reasons for leaving or wanting to leave. For instance, your company may be downsizing or you want to work in an environment where there is potential for career advancement.  


What motivates you in your job?

In this instance, you can reply the interviewer with an example of how you become motivated at your job. ‘I was very motivated when I worked directly with customers and handled their queries, providing answers to their immediate problems’.


What differentiates you from other candidates?

This is the question that will require you highlight and differentiate yourself from other candidates showcasing your unique skills and talent. This is an assessment of your skills, traits and experience. Summarize your answer with precision by pointing out your strengths, professional qualities, extensive knowledge and technical abilities.


What is your expected salary?

If the employer makes the salary range known to you, this is certainly to your advantage. However, most companies prefer to know the expected salary of the candidate. Be aware of the going rate in the specific position you are seeking and provide an expected value.  

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