7 Ways You Can Screw Up Your Job Interview

You may be excited that you have landed the job interview of your dreams. You may show your enthusiasm for the job you have been called in for, however, don’t let your excitement overpower the interview. Remember, you must showcase confidence and ease, not an overenthusiastic personality that doesn’t know when to stop talking. Allow for excellent preparation, practice restraint and have key interview strategies to help you ace your interview. There are many ways to screw up an interview, just ensure you don’t fall flat on your face at your dream job interview. Here are 10 ways you can screw up a job interview.


Talking Salary

Avoid talking salary too early. The strategy is not to talk about salary too early on in the interview because the atmosphere will shift to what you want as opposed to what your contribution to the company is. While it is imperative you know how much you can negotiate from your potential employer, wait it out as long as possible and let your employer know you sincerely care about the job in itself.


Demanding Questions be Answered

Do not demand your interviewer answer the question of when the decision will be made whether to hire you or not. You will only come across as anxious and desperate and this should be avoided. You can ask this question politely and later follow up with a designated person in the company. Be confident and eager, but not desperate at any point.


Not Doing Your Research

If you go for an interview and ask the potential employer what the company does, it is doesn’t give a good image of yourself. If you haven’t conducted proper research it is not going to impress the recruiting managers. Doing your research about the company will give you a good standing in the eyes of the hiring managers.


Questions on Promotions

Avoid rushing ahead and asking about the next promotion before you have been offered the job first. The interviewer will only question your judgment. Remember, you first need to get this job. You can ask broad questions, however, show your motivation not your greed in looking past the current job to the next career level.             


Bashing Former Employees

Do not speak ill of former employees. Even if you’ve hated your previous workplace, and it is tempting to bash them in public, don’t ever do this in front of your hiring managers. Focus on the more positive aspects of leaving your former workplace including the need to advance in your career and reach your potential.  


Basic Manners are a Must

Do not forget basic manners like offering a handshake when you enter and leave the interview room. Thank the interviewer for their time, express pleasure in meeting them and showcase your talent and experience so that you will be seen as a future asset of the company.


Not Giving Specific Examples

As an interviewee you will be asked specific questions that will require thought provoking answers in relation to the job criteria, if you claim you are an innovative and creative creature but cannot back your claim with specific examples, your hiring manager will be turned off immediately. Come prepared with specific examples from previous work experiences.  

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